About Us

Surveyors, one of the largest and most trusted companies in property surveying and real estate services in the Middle East, provides multidisciplinary professional solutions with offices in Lebanon and Bahrain catering to the entire Arab region.
We are committed to the pursuit of innovation and excellence in mapping and visualization. Loyal to this goal, Surveyors acquires and employs the latest state-of-the-art sensors and processing technologies. From traditional topography to advanced mapping and 3D Laser Scanning solutions, the services are customized to answer the needs of all our business partners.
At Surveyors, we understand the entire land development process, the fundamental requirements for accurate, comprehensive mapping and the challenges of surveying in heavily vegetated or rough terrains and crowded built environments. Being the starting point in any land development process, our philosophy is “setting ground rules” to cater to a diversified portfolio of high-end clients including ministries and governmental bodies, municipalities, NGOs, real estate and land developers, private property owners and engineering firms.

On top of our surveying services, our team goes the extra mile providing real estate consultancy services to help building, selling and managing large-scale development projects, giving our clients a competitive edge in terms of execution and marketing. These services also comprise real estate security and valuation, land division and parcellation, owner representation, sales and marketing management in addition to urban planning.
Surveyors was launched in 2010 by Dany El Hakim, a land surveyor with extensive experience and an active member in many organizations: the Lebanese Association Bar for Surveying, the Arab Union for Surveying, the FIG (Fédération Internationale Géographique) and the UMG (Union Méditerranéenne Géographique).

Driven by passion to his job and company, he pursued higher studies in his field and acquired in 2016 a Master’s degree of Engineering Science – Civil Engineering, Surveying and Topology from the American University for Science and Technology (AUSTC) in California.

Thanks to his efforts, vision and leadership, Surveyors grew in a short time of existence into a major reference in its field, mixing a profound expertise with cutting-edge technologies.
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