Real Estate Services

Let us help you evaluate your land value and its potential use!

Real Estate Valuation

We are confident that we deliver the most truthful land and property valuation not only as real estate consultants but most importantly as surveyors who understand every parcel’s specifications and who travel across Lebanon and the Middle East scanning and mapping lands, cities and buildings.

Moreover, we provide you with unrivalled knowledge in land use and the legal framework based on topographic characteristics, procedural laws, built and natural environments and in-depth market insights. Our real estate services include arbitration and termination of joint ownerships (release of en indivision), exchange and registration.

Whether you are the owner or an interested buyer and you’re in need of valuation and land use advice, we can help you uncover the risks and opportunities that lie behind the acquisition or sales of a land and its development be it commercial, residential, industrial or agricultural.
Real Estate Valuation
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