From conventional topography to state-of-the-art high-definition surveying technologies, Surveyors offer 360-degree services to cover the whole spectrum of land development.

What is Topography?

Topography is a science that studies and documents the specifications of ground surfaces. Mapping surveys are conducted to illustrate the shape, features and conditions of a site and constitute the focal starting points for the development of various types of planning and engineering ventures such as site preparation, project and building design, urban and regional planning, land division operations, and road and utilities route design.


Topographic maps of different scales and formats depict ground surface details to serve the intended purposes of each project and study.


Land surveying lies at the heart of our core business. Regardless of the success and large array of proficient ancillary solutions that we provide, we have set our roots in topography from which we grew to expand our proficiency to an array of other services. Our processes are flawless and founded on solid methodologies and exceptional equipment that provide high-quality and accurate topographic data provided by our internationally accredited team. We identify our clients’ needs and objectives and we deliver valuable studies based on outstanding field surveys and mapping procedures. We put 3D Laser Scanning at the service of conventional topography, thus delivering vital and complete input data that allow project owners and designers build their design and developments on solid grounds.
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